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About Us

Firstplanit team serves the building industry with
cutting-edge research in health, wellbeing, and sustainability.
We've engineered our algorithms to combine in-field expertise with
powerful tech to help execute any building project at the highest
standard of health and eco-consciousness.


Our Mission

We want to rapidly improve the impact of building on people and planet.
And so we strive to empower every designer, builder, developer, property
owner and manufacturer with insights and opportunities for environmental
awareness and positive change.


We Deliver

Localised Information

We help identify current and
future environmental and health risks
around a particular site.

Personalised Planning

We help plan building project
by tailoring sustainability advice that
suits project's size, location and type.

Impact Index

We translate the benefits and
measure the impacts of every
sustainable decision.

Our Approach



All the products listed on Firstplanit are independently selected and evaluated. Typical sustainable product credentials are either too vague or too technical, broad or biased. This makes it impossible to gauge an item's actual environment, health or economic impact. Firstplanit provides a transparent rubric for quantifying the impact and benefits of any given material.



We have dug deep to solve roadblocks to the uptake of sustainable and healthy strategies and building products. We have developed a novel patented methodology that generates an Impact index and a Benefit index for any single Product or material choice. This way we can measure, report and celebrate every positive choice.


Unpack Products Deeply

We have conducted one of the widest studies on the distribution of building materials and products. Our outputs give you access to 1000s of products covering millions of data points so that you can improve Environmental, Social, Health and Monetary Impacts. And this is just the beginning of where we need to be as an industry.


Transparent Equitable Impact reporting

We are un-greenwashing because we have created transparency in the way we evaluate the impact of products. We want everyone to find and trust products that have positive impacts compared to less sustainable alternatives, and find ones that are most important in the areas that matter most, e.g. Environmental, Social, Health or Monetary Impact.


Continuously Improving

We want to continually grow and improve what we have started here. Using, sharing and asking for more information will create much needed, trust, confidence and accountability. Most importantly we will be able to measure progress in our industry, and support manufacturing trailblazers.


Unique, Robust & Useful

Firstplanit connects you to crucial explanations of the long-term environmental, social, health, and economic impact of particular choices - helping make your decisions with knowledge and care. The best decisions are those that fit the project, site and location. Positive impacts are context-driven and we help you understand and measure them.

Who is behind Firstplanit?


Firstplanit started at University College London (UCL). We are dedicated to reducing the harmful impacts of buildings

We bring together expertise from many fields; sustainable architecture, construction, material science, environmental modelling, data analytics, behavioural science, historic conservation, and energy engineering, digital technology and commercial strategy. We are adept at critical and design thinking. We bring an intense creative approach to problem-solving. We have synthesised our knowledge to create an unparalleled algorithm to revolutionise the built space and to promote the health of the planet.

Firstplanit’s advisers are from University College London (UCL), World Resources Institute (WRI), Building Research Establishment (BRE).

The Team

  • Ankita Dwivedi
  • Danny Sun
  • Dimitrios Angeletos
  • Aditi Verma
  • Su Myat Noe Thu
  • Braundt Lau
  • Medha Barbaria
  • Sara Aroua
  • Aqmal Arfi
  • Ravi Kiran Koya


  • Jhilmil Kishore
  • Namrata Krishna
  • Neha Tayyal
  • Nivya PC
  • Pratik Golkhar
  • Sally Cowell
  • Carol Flower
  • Dunia Tigris Gensler


  • Anna Mavrogianni
  • Brenda Puench
  • Brian Murphy
  • Jon Tollit
  • Marcella Ucci
  • Mark Salter
  • Patrick Hermon
  • Shahana Chattaraj
  • Venkat Somsundaram
  • Yuliana Topazly


  • Abhishek Tiwary
  • Alba Fernandez Arias
  • Alvaro Pesce
  • Ammar Nemat
  • Bethania Lanzaro
  • Carles Diaz Gil
  • Demian Gomez
  • Emilio Solis
  • Fatima Lage Perez
  • Federico Vaz


  • Gillian Phillips
  • Jonathan Stirling
  • Jorge Enrique Ramos Herrera
  • Kriti Goel
  • Lisa Cholmondeley
  • Magdalena Langosch
  • Maite De Maria
  • Manda Helal
  • Mohit Mehta
  • Nadine Servan


  • Neha Tomar
  • Pascual Gerstenfeld
  • Rachel Eyles
  • Sadaf Salehi
  • Sanjoli Tuteja
  • Shobhit Mahajan
  • Tom Ziegenbei
  • Warwick Hemingway
  • Vasilis Raptis
  • Vibhor Garg