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Get specified in sustainable buildings.


Identify, review and collect the most impactful data.


Champion responsibility, transparency, equity in the building industry.


Showcase the benefits of your eco or healthy product.


Impact Index for your product on 4 scales.


Improve your scores as you improve your processes.

What we do

We translate eco and healthy product’s data into measurable
benefits for customers.

The built environment pollutes, depletes, and harms both people and the planet.

The good news is that change is coming. Organisations and individuals are waking up to the need to build greener. Today, 80% of U.K. building owners and investors want to make their buildings more sustainable, healthy and future proof, but only 30% are attempting it*.

The decision-making process for design-construction professionals is confusing, time-intensive, and expensive. Also, the benefits of sustainable choices are hard to explain, measure and report. This is stalling the contraction industry transition.

At Firstplanit, we're determined to change that. We have created this comprehensive tool to support the design and specification journey early in the process. We assimilate, examine, crunch and explain so that everyone can plan, understand and act quickly at no cost!

Firstplanit gives designers, specifiers, and builders support to engage and win clients as demand for healthier and greener design and impact reporting is growing fast. We champion eco and healthy building materials and products by personalising their suitability and translating product benefits for customers.

*Source@ firstplanit 2020 survey, 1,000 randomised U.K. project owner responses.


Demonstrate Positive Impact

Our work quickly and clearly explains the benefits of using your eco or healthy product to an audience of designers, specifiers, and builders. We help get your product on the consideration list by reporting its holistic environmental, monetary, health and social impact and benefits.


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